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Dec 03 2013

Your Dog’s Not Immune From Aches and Pains

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Just like humans, dogs can suffer from joint pain. Joint pain refers to any pain or discomfort felt in the space between bones. Pain or inflammation between the joints can often effect a dog’s ability to move. This pain can range for a minor soreness to crippling, unrelenting pain. There are many causes of joint pain and they can be broken out into two different categories, traumatic injuries and gradual onset issues. It is usually easy to identify a joint injury in a dog. They will exhibit immediate signs like limping and these signs come on instantly.  Gradual onset issues tend to develop over time and you may not notice the initial onset. Gradual onset issues tend to exhibit themselves in the dog through a pronounced stiffness and slowness to move.

Conditions that lead to Gradual Onset Joint Pain:

  • Diet issues
  • circulation issues
  • age
  • wear and tear to the cartilage between the bones
  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • overuse of the joints

If your dog is experiencing difficulty moving, especially when they first get up after sitting or sleeping for a prolonged period of time, that is a good sign that your dog is suffering from gradual onset joint pain. As an owner, you should consider things like a change in the dog’s diet or the amount of exercise the animal has been experiencing. Assuming there has not been a radical shift in any of the above, you should consider providing the dog with a supplement that can help protect its joints.

Supplements Can Help

One supplement to consider is Synoquin for Dogs. An all natural supplement that contains a high level of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, two supplements that are widely used by people suffering from joint pain. Synoquin is available in tablets or capsules, the capsules can be sprinkled onto the dogs food. There are no known side effects to Synoquin for Dogs and it does not require a prescription.

Oct 22 2013

The Best Way to Treat Migraines

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Mark could always tell when he was about to have a migraine. The pain on the front and side of his head would be dull at first, steadily increasing as each minute passed. Then the other symptoms would arrive: the sensitivity to light and smells, the immense sweating, the nausea and abdominal pain, the inability to concentrate or even think. Eventually, the pain in his head would be unbearable.

Prevention Helps

Mark had experienced migraines for most of his life. Over the years, he noticed some patterns in his migraines. Most of the time, his neck would stiffen and he would feel incredibly tired just before a migraine would begin. He also noticed that certain activities, such as stressful situations or exposure to bright lights, seemed to trigger his migraines.

When he encountered these triggers or began to feel the warning signs of a migraine, Mark did what he could to get away from the triggers and lie down in a dark, quiet room. By paying attention to the warning signs and remaining cognizant of his environment, he was able to prevent many migraines from occurring. However, sometimes the migraine happened despite Mark’s best efforts to prevent it.

Imigran Works When Prevention Doesn’t

Mark needed a way to treat his migraines when prevention didn’t work. He researched the best options and found Imigran, a migraine recovery tablet offered by Pharmacy 2U. The product’s active ingredient is Sumatriptan, which has been proven to relieve the intensity and pain of migraines. The product works by telling receptors in the brain to narrow the brain’s blood vessels, reducing overall head pain.

He decided to give it a try and took a tablet at the first sign that his next migraine was about to occur. In a few minutes, Mark noticed that this migraine was different from his previous ones. He didn’t have nausea or pain so intense that he couldn’t do anything. For the first time in his life, he was able to continue through his day without having to cancel all of his plans just because of his migraine.

This treatment optionis used by thousands of migraine sufferers just like Mark. If you too are frustrated with how the pain from migraines keeps you from doing the things you want to do, give this product a chance. Live your life fully, not your migraines. Try Imigran.

Oct 15 2013

Take Control of Your Sexual Health with Amielle Dilators

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Women often experience pain during sex, but it’s a taboo subject that they don’t feel comfortable discussing with their partner, friends or doctor. There are many reasons why you experience pain during intercourse. The problem is that once you have pain during sex, you lose confidence and are afraid to keep trying. This can interfere not only your personal sexual health, but also your relationship and closeness with your partner.

Your doctor can refer you to a set of Amielle dilators to treat the following conditions:

  • Vagininsmus
  • Muscle spasms
  • Dry or infected, painful sex
  • Dysfunctional pelvis floor

Painful intercourse can include the following symptoms:

  • Unable to be penetrated
  • Stressed
  • Burning sensation
  • Stinging
  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Dry

How an Amielle Dilator Can Help

The good news is you don’t have to live the pain (or forfeit sex.) Dilators come in a set of various sizes. You simple insert a lubricated dilator in your vagina and leave it there for up to five minutes. You may need to work up to that amount of time, depending on your comfort level. Start with the smallest one and work up to the largest one. Once you can comfortable insert and hold the dilator there, it’s time to upgrade to the next larger one. Don’t force anything. When you feel comfortable using the largest dilator you can try do kegel exercises while it’s inserted.

Using a dilator can desensitize the muscles and make intercourse more comfortable. The idea isn’t to stretch it out, but to gradually get comfortable with the penetration and regain your confidence. The key is to actively take control over the situation. Amielle dilators allow you to practice self-help for painful intercourse in the comfort of your own home.

Aug 20 2013

Top Three Benefits of Using Cuprofen

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Cuprofenis a tablet that provides maximum strength ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a pain reliever that also works as an anti-inflammatory. Cuprofen is able to reduce or completely stop pain and also reduce fevers. Here are the top three conditions that Cuprofen can help improve.

  1. Migraines

Migraines are headaches that are more intense and harder to treat. The use of just two tablets of Cuprofencan dramatically reduce migraines for 4-6 hours. Cuprofen can work in as little as thirty minutes depending on what is causing the migraine. Migraines can make it hard to think while disrupting daily life. This is why people who get migraines should take Cuprofen whenever the feeling of a migraine comes on. AlthoughCuprofen can reduce migraine pain, it is also important to go to the doctor and find the reason why the migraines are happening. Pain killers are used for momentary relief from pain but do not treat the actual conditions that are causing the pains.

  1. Toothaches

Toothaches can cause some of the most excruciating pain ever felt. Some toothaches feel like there could never be any relief let alone a tablet that may be able to help. However, Cuprofen is perfect for toothaches because each tablet carries a lot of strength and pain relieving ingredients. These tablets are easy to take and should be taken with some food to avoid an upset stomach. After the tablet has been taken, the pain from the toothache can be expected to go down drastically. Cuprofen can be used for many types of pain but toothaches are one of the most common usages for this pain killer. This pain killer is only a temporary fix, the tooth that is causing the pain does need to be treated by a dentist.

  1. Fevers

Fevers are dangerous and can cause life-long problems if not treated promptly. Cuprofen can be used to lower fevers and keep fevers down. Just a few of these tablets can make an entire fever go down to normal temperature. It is always important to keep fevers down due to the fact that body organs start to shut down once the body has reached the temperature of 104. For these reasons, it is always good to have Cuprofen on hand in case of a fever.

Jun 25 2013

Fighting hemorrhoids with Anusol ointment!

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There is a lot of myth and unnecessary shame surrounding hemorrhoids. Myths regarding hemorrhoids include the misconception that only old people or overweight men fall victim to it. It is because of these myths coupled with the affected area that some people are too embarrassed to have their hemorrhoids treated and continue to suffer in silence.

Hemorrhoids or piles are small swellings filled with blood due to dilation of varicose veins that occur in the anal canal. Initially located inside the anus, internal hemorrhoids are not painful. However sometimes they can protrude to near the opening of the anus. Such kind of hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids can be a reason for quite some pain. An individual can be suffering from both internal and external hemorrhoids at a time. Though not life threatening, hemorrhoids are not something to be taken lightly especially when it has been reduced to such a trivial status with the introduction of ointments like Anusol. With Anusol ointment, you can conveniently take care of your hemorrhoids yourself at home at a cheap price.

Hemorrhoids are usually caused by extensive pressure on the veins in the pelvic and rectal areas causing them to swell and stretch. This pressure can be exerted due to a variety of factors. One factor is bowel movement problems; the strain during constipation and the frequent visits to the bathroom during diarrhea both put pressure on the veins and can become a cause for hemorrhoids. Other factors include obesity, diet, pregnancy and activities and conditions that involve putting pressure on your abdomen.

Anusol Ointment is made up of a number of ingredients that are responsible for not only managing hemorrhoids but also provide relief to other skin irritations in the anal area.Anusol ointment contains bismuth oxide, bismuth subgallate, zinc oxide and balsam peru all of which have protective, antiseptic properties. They are also responsible for the constriction of blood vessels which aids in treating hemorrhoids.

Anusol ointment is fairly easy to use and can be used for both external and internal hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are not easy to detect and sometimes go undetected long enough to become painful external hemorrhoids. If you find bright red blood on the toilet paper, or see blood in the bowl after a normal bowel movement, you have internal hemorrhoids. Swift action with internal hemorrhoids is highly recommended. External hemorrhoids are easier to detect because they are usually accompanied with pain and excessive itching. At this stage it is best to not just hope for the hemorrhoids to go away but instead to take action and start treatment with Anusol ointment.

Since treatment by the ointment requires external application, the chances of side effects are slim. The side effects include temporary burning sensations and allergic reactions which are not of much concern as it is. Adhering to the leaflet that comes with the ointment is of utmost importance to avoid allergic reactions. However, it is extremely difficulty to predict how an individual will react to certain substances. Therefore, in the case of any adverse side effects, immediate discontinuation of the treatment is mandatory.

Though not discussed often, hemorrhoids are a fairly common problem. Thus there is absolutely no shame in purchasing anusol ointment from your local pharmacy. Though if you are still not comfortable you can easily shop for anusol ointment online and have the ointment delivered to your doorstep.

Mar 06 2013

Cautions and Warnings when Taking Cuprofen

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Pain and fever are two common conditions that most people experience from time to time and they can be caused by several factors. Being able to get relief from pain and fever will help a person be free from the annoying symptoms that these conditions bring.

Cuprofen is a known medication for pain and fever that contains the active ingredient called ibuprofen. This medicine can be used for treating almost all types of pains such as back pain, migraine, toothache, headache, sprains, period pain, etc. as well as it is also used for getting relief from fever which is usually a symptom of cold and flu.

Cuprofen may be a very effective medicine because of ibuprofen but cautions and warnings should still be heeded with the use of this drug. This is because not all people will react similarly when this drug is taken in and not all people experience the same effects with this drug.

  • First, people with a variety of health conditions, etc. should greatly observe caution when it comes to taking this medicine. These people are those who are elderly, experience several health conditions like kidney, liver and heart diseases, high blood pressure, asthma, etc. These people are the ones who should take utmost precautions when taking this drug and they are the ones who should really consider visiting the doctor first before taking any ibuprofen medications like Cuprofen. This is because this drug may cause several effects to the disease of a person as well as react with the medications they are currently taking.
  • Second, adverse side effects can be experienced when this drug is taken by people who have peptic ulcers, heart failure and kidney failure, people who are under the age of 12, people who are allergic to the ingredients of Cuprofen as well as women who are pregnant and breastfeeding their infants. They are the ones who should never take this drug as it may cause side effects no matter how this is said to be a safe drug. Consulting the doctor may be necessary for these people especially if they are not sure about their condition.

Although side effects are rarely experienced with the intake of this drug, if this is taken by those people who belong to the two groups mentioned above, adverse effects could still be experienced. Therefore, do not take label warnings for granted even with a pain and fever treatment as reliable as Cuprofen.

Jan 25 2013

Taking Out the Pain of Migraine with Imigran

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The throbbing pain of migraine is just so bothersome that the person suffering from such might have the activities of daily living affected. It is way too painful than ordinary headache as it comes to last for long in an intensity that might really leave you wondering if your head is going to break. But why suffer for the pain that it brings when you have got a perfect partner in the form of Imigran?

As it is believed that migraine might be caused by the dilation of blood vessels, this drug specifically acts to narrow the vessels to facilitate pain easing properties.  This is possible because of the presence of Sumatriptan in its components. It acts to mimic serotonin which in turn would start narrowing the blood vessels thus relieving the pain.

There are certain considerations that you need to remember so that you will have the best results. Furthermore, it would be fair if taking the drug has the doctor’s prescription. This would eradicate the presence of any untoward circumstance if taken without consulting the healthcare authority.

It treats migraine but it does not act to stop migraine before it occurs. This drug has to be taken shortly after the migraine attack has started. If it does bring relief, you may use the same drug for the next attack. However, if you are not relieved from the symptoms, it is advised to refrain from using the drug. It would be best not to take it too frequently to achieve relief. Studies show that taking Imigran and other pain killers frequently would only make the headache feel worse on the next attack. Since this would surely be the least that a person would want to have, better take the drug in a timely manner with the help of a physician.

There are people who are exempted with the use of the drug because it can bring detrimental effects once taken by people who have certain conditions. People who are allergic to sumatriptan and other components of the drug for instance should not take it. Allergic reactions might occur like shortness of breath that would lead to death if not taken into attention. People with renal dysfunction and kidney problems should not also take the drug as their kidneys have no ability to process the drug.

Why suffer when you can have Imigran? This is a trusted relief for pain as it does reduce its intensity. Use it with precaution and with doctor’s prescription to be counted on the safe line.

Dec 26 2012

Curanail – Nail Fungus Treatment

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Curanail is one of the most prescribed medications for nail fungus. You do not need to have a signed prescription in order to obtain the treatment. You can easily walk into any pharmacy and buy the drug over-the-counter. Whilst the medication is a chemical drug, it has received a lot of accolades from users worldwide. According to dermatologist, the medication has a success rate of roughly 90%. Then again, there are conflicting data about the effectiveness of this fungal medication.

Benefits of Using Curanail

The benefits of using curanail are numerous. The fungal treatment comprises of several chemical elements that function together in getting rid of different types of fungus affecting the nail. Perhaps the greatest benefit of using this nail fungus treatment not only lies in its ability to permanently eliminate contaminations, but prevent possible recurrences.

A majority of users have reported not seeing a recurrence of the infection after completing the treatment course. Given its success rates, the medication has increased in popularity over the last couple of years.


The runaway success of this nail fungus treatment lies in the components making up the product. Curanail contains the following ingredients:

-          Amorolfine: This chemical functions in making the nail fungus treatment strong thus making it able to combat any kind of fungal infection.

-          Antifungal Agents: A number of studies have found that this product contains a number of anti-fungal agents which function in permanently getting rid of fungal infections of the nail and preventing possible recurrences.

Other components making up this nail fungus treatment include ethanol and triacetin.

How the Medication Works

The nail fungus treatment functions by restraining the development of fungi and yeasts by getting rid of their cell membranes. Both fungi and yeast have been found to contribute to the creation of an element commonly known as ergosterol. By eliminating ergosterol, the medication is able to prevent the growth of these dangerous matters in your body.

Possible Side Effects

Any chemical based product can trigger a myriad of side effects in the body. As such, curanail is not an exception. Listed below, are some of the side effects that can be triggered by the continued use of this nail fungus treatment:

-          Burning sensations in your feet.

-          Tingling feeling in other parts of the body.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are discouraged from using this type of treatment as the chemical components found therein can negatively affect the baby.

Aug 21 2012


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Paramol is a medication that is used to relieve pain that is mild or moderate, including headaches, period pain, migraine, toothache, joint and muscular pain. This should be used over a short term period usually three days.

Users of the drug should avoid taking it with any other medication that has paracetamol. These include most of the pain killers, cold and flu medications that are available in chemists. You should look at the ingredients of the medication that you buy or even consult your pharmacist if you have to take any other medication together with this drug. Avoid taking an overdose of the drug as it is likely to cause kidney and liver damage that is serious. Therefore, avoid exceeding the dose that has been stated in the leaflet provided together with the medicine. In case of an overdose, you should immediately seek for medical attention.

Alcohol is likely to increase the liver damage risk usually associated with an overdose of the medicine. Where the medicine is taken regulary or over a long period of time, the body may become tolerant making the drug to be ineffective. Where there is a prolonged use, there is a likelihood of the user becoming dependent on dihydrocodeine.  This is likely to lead to withdrawal symptoms leading to irritability and restlessness. You should avoid taking the medication for a period longer than 3 days without seeing a doctor. When you take a headache painkiller for a long period, it is likely to worsen the headaches.


The medication should be used with caution in people who are elderly, have a liver function that is decreased or chronic. You should also take care while on the medication if you have kidney disease that is severe, asthma, prostrate gland that are enlarged, asthma, allergic disease and thyroid gland that are underactrive. Caution should be exercised while using the medication on people with alcoholism or have a history of drug dependent.

Where to buy Paramol? It is available in the UK and can be purchased through your doctor or through an online pharmacy. The medication should not be used in children who are under the age of twelve or even people who have a slow and shallow breathing. Other conditions that should make a person to avoid using the drug include asthma attacks, head injuries or even pressure within the skull. The medicine is also not recommended in pregnancies, in particular, during the 3rd trimester. This is unless under the advice from your doctor. The medicine can pass into breast milk and caution should be exercised while using it in breastfeeding mothers.

The medicine is likely to cause some side effects. However, not all the users experience the side effects and most of them are able to tolerate the drug.  These may include nausea, constipation, headache, dizziness, skin rashes and a balance problem in vertigo. Where you experience any of the side effects, you should consult your doctor. The medication should be taken with or after meals. You should avoid taking more than two tablets at any given time. Do not take the medication together with another product that contains paracetamol.

Aug 18 2012

How To Get Pain Relief During Labor And Delivery

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Most women need ways through which they can obtain pain relief during labor and also when delivering their newly born lids. The two main areas which experience a lot of suffering include the uterus and cervix. Muscles found in the uterus contract while the cervix is put under too much pressure hence leading to the onset of severe pain during labor. Pain during labor is as a result of cramps occurring in some areas such as groin, abdomen and back as well. Both the bladder and bowels experience pain too just as much as the vagina and the birth canal.


The level of pain, which a woman under labor and preparing for delivery goes through, differs from one lady to the next one. It is never similar in two women and thus the treatment or remedy may also vary. A number of pain relief measures have been devised to help women experiencing this type of discomfiture. There are medications such as analgesics, which are very helpful in this regard. These types of medications are administered either through IV or by being injected into the expectant mother’s muscle. They have their own side effects on the mother and baby alike.


Labour Pain

One of the most commonly practiced pain relief measures by women in labor is known as regional anesthesia. It is highly effective in the two major types of child birth delivery, caesarian and vaginal. It blocks the woman from certain feelings or sensations in specific areas on the body hence helping to relieve the pain. It is commonly offered in the form of epidurals, and this is quite effective in any type of pain experienced below the belly button in women. Vaginal walls benefit the most from the use of this therapy by women going through labor pains or delivery.


A lot of care should be used on an expectant lady, who is under epidurals, with regard to pain relief. Whereas they rarely get into the baby, they may cause a decrease of blood pressure in the affected woman. A woman under this therapy should expect to encounter some level of difficulty in regard to urinating. The mother may also feel nauseated, itchiness and experience a lot of headaches as a direct result of using epidurals. While they have no major effect on the unborn baby’s life and health, they can still portend some risk due to the mother’s low blood pressure.


Tranquillizers are used by expectant mothers as a way of enjoying pain relief. Very rarely do these drugs relieve pain. The main task they perform is to help the mother calm down and enjoy some measure of rest. A doctor may prescribe them together with analgesics but carry some level of risk on both the mother and unborn baby. It is not a common to find doctors placing the mother under these types of drugs, unless there is no other option left. It is important for the lady going through labor and delivery to obtain the counsel of her doctor before using tranquillizers.